Take Off, Eh?

It’s finally here, Monday Nov. 29, 2010.┬áIt’s closing day and the house is ready to be turned over to the new owners. We’re doing lots of last minute stuff such as selling the ChevCav2002-3Cavalier at 8 a.m. (thanks Mark B, hope your daughter likes it!), the Jeep, stuffed with the bird’s big cage and the dogs’ carriers, is picked up to get shipped to Alberta, we’re getting the very last of the stuff out of the house and into the motorhome.

At 3:30, [the other guy] goes to the lawyer to pick up The Cheque and drop it immediately in the bank. When he comes back, we are going to try and make sure all is in its place and tucked away. The bird’s small cage is Velcro’d to the shelf above the passenger’s seat, the last of the laundry is dropped on the bed, we just need to get everything organized and battened down and ready for actual movement.

However, at 4:30, the new owner’s moving van shows up and they want to start unloading. Right now. [the other guy] comes back from the bank and we scramble to stuff the last bits in wherever we can. We still haven’t found a place to empty the black and grey tanks, there’s no fresh water in the main tank, the new owner (nice lady) arrives, apologizes for being too early but the somewhat surly movers are already at it so no sense making a huge deal of it.

We pull the motorhome out of the driveway and park it a bit further down the street. A few last minute good-byes to the neighbours (including our awesome, single neighbour Gail) and we take off, even if a little frazzled from the very quick and slightly too early exit.

But we are officially gone. On the road and heading west for a future unknown.

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