The First Stretch

Having to leave at 5 pm means we’ll be hitting a fair bit of rush hour traffic as we head up from Burlington towards Barrie, Ontario. And being November, it’s already starting to get dark. In no time, we’re (meaning [the other guy] at the wheel) officially driving at night. After a slight miscalulated turn and detour, we finally get onto Highway 401 and eventually onto the 400 headed north.

We make pretty decent time on our way to the first potential stop, Barrie, but as we got there at about 8 p.m.,[the other guy] felt ok to carry on so we headed onward towards Parry Sound.

We went a little further past Parry Sound to a spot near Horseshoe Lake where there was a truckers’ rest stop. This is where we set up for the night. At this point, there was a fair bit of snow that had fallen, not much traffic and only a few rigs in the parking lot. Signs posted there said “2 Hour maximum” but we hung out for about 6. It was about midnight when we stopped and let the dogs have a pee. We went to bed in the back of the RV on the actual bed, although the slide was closed, and after a few hours’ sleep, started off again.

Pretty good distance for what was a half day.

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