Day Two: Northern Ontariario

Today we start out very early, about 6 a.m., while it’s still dark. Although there is snow in the region of Parry Sound, the roads are clear and there is no or little actual snow falling.

We easily make it up to Sudbury and zoom by it.

Our next stop: Sault Ste. Marie. We stop at Wal*Mart (yes, sorry) and I run in to grab some McFood. 45 minutes later(!!), I emerge with a couple burgers. We chomp it down and we are off again, this time heading north along Lake Superior towards Wawa.

We note a sign saying “no more gas for xxx KMs” and look at the gas gauge – we won’t make it. So after about 10 minutes, we finally find a spot to turn around and head back towards the last gas station we saw. We fill up on Premium, the only kind they had there (they were upgrading their pumps) and head back up. Word to the wise: fill up in Sault Ste Marie where the gas is a tad cheaper if you are low.

About halfway up, we stop at a lookout spot and see a striking view of Lake Superior near sunset.

Lake Superior looking westward

Lake Superior looking westward

This spot is called Alona Bay Lookout.

And that’s our first actual photo of Glinda, the motorhome’s unofficial name as well as [the other guy], the official pilot.

(Technical note: You can click on pretty much any picture on this blog to see a larger sized version.)

We get back in after this brief photographic break and keep going towards Wawa. By the time we get there, it’s rather late, completely dark and we can not find any places to park for the night. So we decide to head on further.

So much for the “casual, meandering pace” we had talked about. However, we wanted to take advantage of the fairly good weather we were encountering and cover as much distance as we could.

We carried on and finally chose to park at a Tourism Info booth in Marathon. There was just one 18 wheeler there so we parked away from him a bit, decided to not sleep in the bed at back but pull out the sofa into a (somewhat tight) double bed which meant less heating required.

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2 Responses to “Day Two: Northern Ontariario”

  1. Mel C says:

    what… you didn’t want to stay in White River? LOL

    • Paul says:

      Hey Mel!

      Scooted through Northern Ontario pretty darn fast as the weather was cooperating for the most part and we wanted to take advantage of that. Besides, we probably zoomed by at about 12:30 a.m. so the place was likely all rolled up. Once past Wawa, we didn’t stop anywhere but Marathon for a quick sleep, a gas up and coffee and off we went again.

      And then we hit Winnipeg, Manitoba. Yeesh!!! Holy doodle is that place cold!! -13 with strong wind made it -25. Why oh why would anyone want to live there??!? This boy does not care for cold weather one bit.

      I hear you guys out east are having great weather these days. We got out right in time. And it’s been +6ÂșC or thereabouts here in Southern Alberta for several days, supposed to get to 9 tomorrow. Gotta love them Chinooks!

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