Day Four: Three in One

Today we make HUGE time. After our short sleep and getting the RV warmed up every couple of hours to avoid total freezing of the engine we headed out very early on.

In a few hours, we’ve finished Manitoba and head into Saskatchewan. Nothing eventful in that last stretch to report; the roads were flat and it was cold.

Saskatchewan though was quite different: it was a bit warmer. The roads were still flat and we actually saw one or two slight curves. With a break or two for beverages and lunch, we motored on steadily.

This is what Saskatchewan looks like:

After numerous hours of the above or slight variations thereof (I swear there were one or two bends!) we eventually got out  of Saskatchewan and into Alberta. Alas, by that time the sun was down so I have no photos to post. There was also not very much difference in the roads until we got a little past Medicine Hat.

The cold spell we were driving through broke and, some 50 km out of Lethbridge, we ran into a more foggy situation. Now this caused issues. Because it was still quite cold but there was plenty of moisture in the air, our side mirrors iced up. We stopped for a re-fuel somewhere near Lethbridge, washed off the windshield and the mirrors but as soon as we left, the mirrors rather quickly went all icy again. To the point we could not see to change lanes, let alone navigate a somewhat convoluted turn off the main highway right smack downtown (Lethbridge is a sizeable city) and onto the highway down towards Cardston. We were somewhat forced to continue on pass right through Lethbridge and hope to find an easier road southward but this turned out to be quite problematic.

We were well past Lethbridge University by the time traffic was empty enough and the ability to turn safely was possible. Getting out credit cards, we scraped the ice off the side mirrors; this gave us a few minutes of clear vision, enough to turn around and head back into Lethbridge. We had to scrape the ice away again once or twice to complete the turn off and finally, we were on straight enough road. Soon, the fog vanished and eventually, the mirrors cleared and stayed that way.

From there we passed by a couple of [the other guy]’s old home towns which he indicated while pointing into complete darkness; we’d get to check these out in daylight in a few days. Into MacGrath, we were on the lookout for random deers possibly crossing the roads – seems MacGrath was built right smack on a deer migration path and they expected the deer to change their course. They did not. Many a deer and many a car have regretted that decision.

Fortunately, we saw none, although there was a big red smear on the road at one point.

Eventually, at about 11 pm on December 2nd, after traveling through three provinces, we finally pulled into “Home Base” in Leavitt AB, and parked the RV at [the other guy]’s mom’s house. We had made it to our first destination where we were going to hang out until the holidays.

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2 Responses to “Day Four: Three in One”

  1. guy gorilla says:

    Hey, it’s been far too long since you’ve had an update..I’m sure being stuffed by your in-laws doesn’t take up all your time

    • Paul says:

      Hey. Mr G,

      I passed the proverbial pen over to [the other guy] since this is his neck of the woods. He hasn’t been inspired to fill in the details.
      But we will (hopefully) be heading out on the next leg of the journey tomorrow, weather and extra drivers permitting, so I’ll try to get things fired up again.

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