Reaching the Living Forest

After the Great Journey from Cardston to Vancouver Island, we got off the ferry and drove right to the Living Forest Oceanside Campground and RV Park. Quite the mouthful, indeed.

By the time we got here from the Departure Bay ferry 20 minutes away, it was already quite dark, so we selected from one of the available spots, choosing #77, one of the sites furthest away from the water’s edge. I had thought it would be a good choice as, on the map seen below, it seemed to have a good bit of space around it and would be away from traffic, while everyone else would clammer to be on the opposite side, looking at the water.

We quickly pulled into the spot, got the jacks set up and finally settled into our Home On Wheels. We had made it over.

Come morning, we were able to check out the place in daylight; this did indeed turn out to be a good location. As nice as being able to park near the water’s edge may be, the view isn’t, at least to our minds, worth an extra $50 a month although it obviously is to others. Since neither the front window (the truck’s windshield) nor the back window (in the bedroom) are really useable, one being too low, the other being in the back and not really visible when in the main area of the RV, the only real views are out the sides of the camper. We get views of the forest, the next neighbour is a decent distance away and several feet lower, there are a few trees between us and the neighbour to the right… Perfect.

The Living Forest Campground is unlike most RV parks we have seen online or had stopped in on the way out. Situated on over 53 acres, there is a fair bit of space between most spots and they haven’t cleared out all the woods in order to cram several dozen more spots in. We don’t feel like we’re stuck in a sardine can here. When we move on, it will probably be rather difficult to find as well laid out a park for our next stop, I’m sure.

We arrived here on Friday night, Jan 7th. Although cool and with a little snow on the ground, it was nothing like the blizzardswe had just driven through. Next morning, when we actually saw the space in daylight, there had been a little bit more snow overnight, a couple of centimetres. That was fine, it was minimal and still no issue to get around. Besides, we didn’t have to shovel it. I went out and took a couple of photos before we went into town to stock up on essentials.

Pretty as this photo is, the next day we had 5 to 7 cm of snow fall. Going out to do some shopping, you would think it was several feet of snow – people didn’t really know how to drive in it and some stores were nearly empty – people were not going outside with all that snow!

Two days later, the temps were in the 15ºC area and sunny. Man, winter on the island is hard!

We booked our site for a full month with dibs on the following month as well. Since we are not yet ready to make a decision on where we will set up shop – or what “shop” will entail: job, business, permanent  location? – we want to keep exploring the island and possibly move the RV from one place to the other as we experience different locations and communities.

We have looked at a couple of businesses for sale on the island but none have jumped out to both of us as “the” one to get into. Good idea in a poor location, great idea but well outside our budget, nice place but not exactly familiar ground for either of us… There are a few choices but they, so far, seem to have a substantial problematic aspect. Like vanishing before we can get to them. Oh well, we don’t have a hard deadline at this point and can take some time finding the right “thing”.

Note: The first photo of the Living Forest sign and the park map are from the Living Forest website.

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3 Responses to “Reaching the Living Forest”

  1. guy gorilla says:

    I love reading are so right on people out there getting their knickers in a knot whenever a few flakes of snow come down..the big joke being most of them are ex-Ontario residents

  2. Elaine says:

    Nice following your adventures!

  3. Jo says:

    Do they have Dead Forests too? Looks very peaceful, guess you can eat what you want now and drink coffee too? Got to dash – bread in the oven x

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