The plan takes shape

Once upon a time, there lived a couple of middle aged guys, [this “other guy”, who has since fucked off] and Paul (me!), who were doing the daily, expected type stuff, working to pay the bills, the mortgage, a vague plan to¬†somehow get to the end without too much hassle. They had a house in the suburbs, two great dogs, a bird and decent health even though the occasional aches and pains reminded them they were no longer youngsters.

And in case you were wondering, yes they were gay and had been together for nearly 15 years. Although this fact enters the story, it isn’t the primary point at all.

Life wasn’t really bad, in fact it was alright but it certainly wasn’t awesome. Working at jobs that had long lost any pretence of interest, they trudged along on a somewhat ho-hum road.

Although both had their own particular hobbies which could elevate them for a while, one gardening, the other baking bread, these seemed to still be unable to overcome the general sense that the wheels were spinning but there wasn’t really much movement.¬†Time was marching on and things weren’t really changing a whole lot.

Then in early summer of 2010, [the other guy] was sent out to teach a new product (he represented a medical equipment manufacturer) to hospital staff on Vancouver Island in British Columbia for a week or so. He was quite thrilled as Vancouver Island was somewhat renown for it’s great weather and beautiful gardens. On his time off, he could check the local horticulture and get ideas he may be able to transplant back to Southern Ontario. Another bonus was that the hospitals were spread over the island so he would also be able to check out several areas and not be stuck in once city for the entire duration.

Island Highway

So visits to places like Butchart Gardens and the tropical feel of home gardens in Tofino were highlights of the trip. The work while there was, well, same-old same-old.

A month or two later, [the other guy] work required another trip out to Vancouver Island which happen to very conveniently start right after the Labour Day long weekend. Seeing the opportunity, Paul and [the other guy] decided to make it a mini three day vacation, flying in a few days ahead to really look around the island, check out areas and property with the idea of eventually moving and, maybe, starting up their own business.

With their time rather limited, they hopped from here to there to get a feel of several locations, checked out available houses and considered where they could set up shop. They went through several scenarios, from opening a coffee shop to starting a yurt-based B&B. Although none of the houses they were shown was a perfect fit, even though a couple were wonderful if overpriced (as were several bad ones) by the end of the weekend they had decided that moving to BC was decidedly in the realm of possible.

Lake Cowichan

Once they had both returned home, more thought was put into the project and, after several total changes of plans, it was decided that they’d get themselves a recreational vehicle (a.k.a. an RV), pack up the ‘kids’ and house and just get out there. [the other guy]’s job was a contract position nearing its end and he had no interest in renewing the contract; Paul’s cleaning service business was ok but not worth holding them back from this bold move.

Now the question was: “Do we make the big jump?” Selling off as much as possible and basically just dropping out of what was a somewhat comfortable and quite predictable life would not be the typical thing to do. But after just a little pondering, the answer was a definite “Yes!”.

It was time to get off the hamster wheel and make their own path.

After a little searching and visiting RV shows and dealer lots, they found what they hoped was a great motor home, a 2004 Glendale Royal Classic which was shortly christened “Glenda, Princess of the North”.

Putting the house up for sale and finding a buyer in only 8 hours was a big boost to the plans; it meant they could head out sooner which was good as they were getting into late fall and would in fact start their trek across Canada in the last few days of November.

They packed as much as they could into a moving and storage pod which would then be sent separately to live in storage in Vancouver, got their papers in order and researched the cost of shipping their cars out west. After a flurry of paperwork and some restless nights, they were just about ready to hop into their RV, dogs and bird safely in their respective cages, and drive off the driveway for the last time and head on out.

And that’s just about where we start this blog…

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12 Responses to “The plan takes shape”

  1. Cathy Parkes says:

    Nice story , keep me entertained!! (close to our tale…….except we had a pet rabbit travelling across Canada with us)

    I hope you have your longjohns packed!

  2. Gail says:

    You forgot to mention your awesome, single neighbour. I’ll let it pass!

  3. Cteavin says:

    Awesome! Keep going west and cross that ocean, sell the rv and get a houseboat.

  4. Lynn says:

    Well Paul, you don’t let the grass grow under your feet, do you. Sorry we couldn’t get together before you left. Sounds like a great adventure. I want to hear more about the dogs and bird, is it like that big cockatoo you had me look after until it ate the back end of our house off?

    • Paul says:

      Hi Lynn,

      Sorry you were out of town that last week, I was looking forward to a meet up with you and Sara.
      Jasmine is an African Grey parrot, so not as big as Miss Mew/Sybil. She managed the trip to Alberta pretty well in spite of having a much too small cage.

  5. guy gorilla says:

    I’m still waiting for Chapter 2

  6. guy gorilla says:

    wait a minute, is that a comment by the ever elusive Lynn (no FB for me) Yamazaki?…I wrote you a letter via your daughter and have heard NOTHING in return

  7. guy gorilla says:

    PS..come on, where’s Chapter 2????

  8. Paul says:

    Dear Mr Gorilla,

    Chapter 2 is now up with more coming up soon. I hope you enjoy them.

    PS: Any relation to that Magilla chap?

  9. guy gorilla says:

    no, but we both fucked King Kong

  10. Sara says:

    Hi Paul!!!!
    What’s going on? Have you met some nice people? Do you know how to change a flat tire?

    • Paul says:

      Hi Sara!

      Well, we’re in Leavitt, AB (about a half hour north of the US border) and will be here for a couple more weeks staying with [the other guy]’s mom, a.k.a. “Grandma Chicken”. So far, lots of nice folks and no flat tires so we’re doing good!

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